About Us

We are a high-end software engineering services company. At TechBulls we believe in using the right tool for the job
and have worked on various technologies to engineer solutions.We heavily leverage Open Source to minimize the
development effort as well as reduce the time to market. We have a team of passionate developers, which builds
cutting edge and scalable applications.


  • Product Development Services

    We have experience building several Complex, Highly Multi-threaded & Transactional applications from Scratch. We expertise in building a quick prototype with a minimal set of features to ensure that valuable end-user feedback is received early.

  • Support and Maintenance Services

    We have extensive experience in providing Support and Maintenance for legacy systems and products. We have processes and framework in place to provide support for different time zones.

  • Web & Mobile Application Development

    We build Scalable & Responsive Web applications with the use of latest web technologies. We have thorough knowledge of deploying, managing & scaling applications in the Cloud. We develop Rich Mobile Applications on multiple platforms.

Use Cases

Configurable UI Dashboard / Widget Framework

We helped a client build a UI Framework, which

allows layouts of dashboards as well as other pages to be configurable, and themeable. The framework provides developers with widget-based development API. The framework supports Localization and RTL (Right to Left) support out of the box. This framework has helped the client reduce their ongoing development effort by a significant amount. The framework was built using Angular JS and various Open Source components.


Bank Integration platform to seamlessly integrate with multiple banks

We developed a platform, where

a client who is transacting with multiple banks can seamlessly communicate with any bank in its preferred banking standard format (e.g. OBWG, Berlin format, etc.) and get a response back in the same format without having to do any bank-specific or banking standard specific implementation in his proprietary system. The platform is fully configurable and onboarding a new bank can be achieved in short time. The platform is scalable and targeted to integrate with almost 5000 banks in Europe.


Accounting System Integration to facilitate users to initiate payments

We have developed a platform to

integrate with various accounting systems (e.g.XERO, EXACT, etc), to fetch the invoices for a client and facilitate to initiate a payment against invoices. The platform will continuously fetch invoices from different accounting system where a client maintains all the invoices and schedule consolidated payments against all the invoices for a vendor.


Quote aggregation engine for an online insurance aggregator company

We worked with an online

insurance aggregator to help build their quote aggregation platform which simultaneously retrieves insurance quotes for users from multiple insurance company web services and provides an aggregated quote for the user to compare. Ability to parallelize the quote retrieval from insurance partners was a key feature of the business as it provides a good user experience. The same was achieved with the help of Play Framework and asynchronous APIs.


Penetration testing platform for a Software Product Company

The client needed the ability to do

penetration testing as part of continuous integration. The client was working on on-boarding Amazon as a client and the ability to do repeatable penetration testing was a make or break for the deal. We designed a solution with help of Docker, which builds and deploys the whole product within docker environment and wrote automated penetration tests to certify that there were no new security flaws introduced with each release.


On-Demand Analytics and Geo Spatial Representaions on Big Data

We have developed a

web/tablet/mobile application which is used by a data scientists of a US based company. This is a cloud based analytics application allows users to generate KPIs on the fly on thier Sales and Marketing data and plots the data on multiple overlapping graphs and maps on geo server. This gives users freedom from writing complex queries and hence expedites decision making.




We are always on the lookout for designers and engineers who love to build applications. Customer focus and
ownership are key qualities all our team members must have. Work life balance is strongly valued and encouraged.
Offering the best compensation in the industry, if you wish to join our team, drop in your resumes at
careers@techbulls.com giving us a brief about yourself.

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